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My passion for the artistic process began to develop around 2000, along with a fascination for contemporary art.  I began my development as an artist through experimentation with copper, which I affect with chemicals.  I soon began working with more traditional materials as well, as I explored the use of my own personal techniques and processes.  My art has since developed into a mixed media style that allows for the incorporation of these varied methods and materials. The artistic process is unique to each artist.  While I have developed some signature techniques that I begin with, the processes are both refined and allowed to take new directions with each series.  I thoroughly enjoy making my art, and it always makes me happy when it encourages others to explore their own artistic path. Born in Salem, OR, 1961. Raised in Portland, OR; attended Grant High School. Attended Lewis and Clark College in Portland from 1979 through 1982; studied chemistry. Employed by an analytical laboratory in Portland from 1980 through 1984. Attended Oregon State University, 1982 through 1985; Bachelor of Science. Employed as a flight attendant by TWA and Delta Airlines from 1986 through 1998. Self-employed from 1998 through 2003; property management. Began art sales in 2002.

Contact the artist at  Barbara Kaempf Matkowski

 07 #10
by Barbara Kaempf Matkowski
VillaDuCarl Art Collection | Portland, Oregon
Burnished copper on wood
12″ x 12″
Purchased 2009

Purchased at Mississippi Street Fair, Mississippi Avenue | Portland, Oregon
Contact the artist at Barbara Kaempf Matkowski


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