Drunk on Sax | Addie Kay Boswell

Addie Boswell’s vibrant palette electrifies life’s small events. She paints the weather and the people and the color scheme of places she has lived, and the universal themes of community or weariness or wonder tend to show through. She admires the imagination of children and vividly remembers her own childhood; much of her work has an innocent exuberance. (Occasionally the subjects of her stories and paintings are filched directly from her students.) Oil painting remains her favorite medium; she loves the disciplined process as well as the fluidity of the paint and even the names: cadmium, alizarin, cerulean.

She approaches collage in a painterly fashion, layering slivers of magazine paper to create rich undulations of color. In tribute to the innovation of street artists (and her own frugality), she frequently paints on recycled surfaces like cupboard doors.

Addie grew up on a farm in Corning, Iowa and landed in Oregon after a sojourn in Washington, DC. She has been writing and drawing since she can remember. When Addie discovered oil painting ten years ago, she knew she would be an artist. She loves the creative allowance of the rainy season and the Portland community, which generates endless new crafts. An inspiring mix of artists, entrepreneurs and small businesses help reinforce her faith in everyday creativity, public art, and duct tape. Besides painting in her home studio, she writes and illustrates picture books, teaches a variety of recycled art classes, plays ultimate frisbee, and keeps an eye out for poetic cracks. She lives with her boyfriend and cat in Southeast Portland.

Contact the artist at www.addieboswell.com

Drunk on Sax
 by Addie K. Boswell
 VillaDuCarl Art Collection | Portland, Oregon
Oil Paint on Cabinet Door
 16 1/2 ” x 7 1/2″
Purchased 2007

 Purchased at Last Thursday Art Fair, Alberta Arts District | Portland, Oregon
Contact the artist at www.addieboswell.com



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