La Senoridad | William Hernandez Molina

William is a Peruvian artist who completed his professional education in Painting at La Escuela de Bellas Artes del Perú in 2002. He received a scholarship to study printmaking during the summers in Puerto Varas, Chile through the program, Taller de arte Joven (1998-2000). In his professional career, William works as a graphic designer for different international and public institutions. He is also an art teacher specializing in drawing and painting for the Museo de arte de Lima. He currently resides in the United States, in Oregon.

Art is a journey full of creative and expressive possibilities with one single objective: to be sincere in all that one does. My life is full of color, and I feel the necessity to express that chromatic gamut on the canvas, reinventing and designing my hopes and desires through the figures that I create. My artwork is heavily influenced by the chaos of urban life; I mix playful, dreamlike figures with vibrant cityscapes.

My art involves different graphic techniques and a distinctive line in every figure and urban landscape. My art portrays delicacy and serenity in figurative pieces, soul and color in abstracts. This blending of styles encompasses the feeling of the dreamlike, representational world of my works. His Artworks are in private collections in Spain, Lima, United States, Germany, Guatemala, Chile.

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La Senoridad
by William Hernandez Molina
VillaDuCarl Art Collection | Portland, Oregon
One of a Kind
Acyrilic on canvas
7″ x 23″
Purchased 2010

Purchased at Paseo Peruvian Clothing Store, NW 23rd Neighborhood | Portland, Oregon NOW CLOSED
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