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Kelsey Robinson was born and raised in San Francisco.  She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design.  Kelsey enjoys the steps towards making a piece of art.  The final product is often unknown until it happens. Having worked with many different mediums Kelsey currently enjoys screen printing,  She has been collecting a catalog of shapes drawn from nature, geometry and strings sewn and captured by the screen, froze in position for a moment in time,  the shapes are layered and color is experimented with.  The final images evoke a vibration, movement, or moody suspended environment.

Kelsey also works in sculpture, her current medium is cake.  Similar to screen printing it is all about the process of layering and building.  Although the designs are envisioned from the beginning, the resulting display is always a surprise.  Then it is sliced and all eaten up!  The ultimate interactive art.

Kelsey lives and works in Oakland California with one dog, one cat, and one Scientist.  She is the owner and founder of The Whole Cake.

Learn about the artist at  – Kelsey Robinson


 By Kelsey Robinson
VillaDuCarl Art Collection | Portland, Oregon
Print and Mixed Media on Paper
14 1/4″ x 11″
Purchased 2012

Purchased at  Art In A Box | Oakland, California
Contact the artist at – Kelsey Robinson


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