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Louis Delegato is a native Portlander who has been making art his whole life. Gaining a B.A. with a focus in sculpture from Montana State University Billings he moved back to Portland to pursue his work. Living every moment in a state of awe, Louis strives to create work which communicates his emotional and intellectual perspective.

I don’t believe in the traditional term “artist”. I think that art is anything that is expressed. I also think that it does not require conscious intent to do so therefore everybody and everything expresses itself therefore everybody and everything is an “artist. “Art” means meaning.

My two-dimensional work is primarily a reflection of emotion though my intellectual thought processes can’t help but be expressed. Essentially I do what I feel. I transition back and forth between instinctual action and reaction to more discerning and analytical decision-making. The marks made and colors used are a direct reflection of myself and my place in the environment. I often dwell on the results of my action in this context. I see what I do and identify the metaphors involved. For example, the use of a dark, decisive line versus a gentle softening of transitions implies something of myself and reality in its context.

My three-dimensional work is more often an expression of my mind. It generally is representative of my intellectual theories on being. I often use the cube as a metaphor for “it”. The cube is expressed as three dimensions each with an opposite side. The sides or “aspects” as I like to refer to them as all utilize and in fact, require all others to exist. The sides are mechanically joined to the other sides providing support as well as using the support they are given. The metaphor here is the indivisible and self-supporting inherency of being. Basically, “it” requires no reason but itself. Like a point in geometry, “it” is and in my sculpture I define why.

I  tend to use mediums that best accomplish my intent. My paintings are usually about my emotion and more immediate thoughts therefore I require a medium I can apply quickly and without much consideration or preparation. My sculpture is almost the opposite in approaches. I use steel and glass for their permanence and uncompromising consistencies. They require quite a bit of premeditation and energy to manipulate. They don’t blend like paints and therefore remain separate keeping their connotations discrete. It is like creating a mathematical equation where the parts remain separate but together they make a function. The paintings are like making perfume. The parts give up a larger portion of their individuality to accomplish an expression as a group.

My two-dimensional work is much more a reflection of my emotions while my two-dimensional work is a reflection of my mind.

I have a few different processes when it comes to my paintings. I always start with a blank surface. Sometimes I begin with lines, sporadic lines which form relationships I either emphasize or depreciate. Sometimes I begin with cloudy washes which create more general circumstances. I use the oil paint and graphite to push and pull at the work. Sometimes it is gentle like a romance and other times it is aggressive like a fist fight. The whole activity turns becomes an acting upon and reacting to the present circumstances. I find myself reflected in my work like an abstract mirror and I realize the lack of distinction between me and not me.

I believe “artists” in the traditional sense are great barometers for the state of society, the individual and reality in general. Paying attention to “art” is like reading exceptionally comprehensive yet exceptionally complex data on the state of being. Oregon is circumstance, a category which can be used to cross reference the data. The metaphors perceived are as valid and real as the metaphors used.

I  am a Portland Trailblazer fan. I wear a hat with the logo all the time. I use it as a way to connect with other people and talk about the experience of being by using the metaphor of basketball. I use “art” the same way. I hope to support myself and my family with art sales while connecting to people.

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By Louis Delegato
VillaDuCarl Art Collection | Portland, Oregon
Original Encautic on Wood Panel
11 1/2″ x 23 3/4″
Purchased 2009

Purchased by Private Sale
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