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Hello Moon Studios consists of Rick and Amy Bain and their 2 children, Elva and Thurston. A family of artists, Rick and Amy are both professional musicians as well as potters. The Bain’s make all their lovely porcelain in their home studio with their children playing around them. Their daughter, Elva, has started making her own porcelain magnets she occasionally sells, along with her drawings, next to her father at the local weekend market and at various Art Nights around town. Their son, Thurston, has just learned to draw and is doing amazingly well just like his sister, he seems to prefer science experiments lately, more than anything else. “Both our children love to play in the clay with us!”

Amy started working with master potter, Andrew MacCorkindale in the very early 90’s. He taught her everything she knows. He is a dear friend and wonderful teacher. Andrew hired many local artists to work in his shop, it was always an amazing place to be. Rick worked with Andrew also and learned the trade directly from him as well.

Rick and Amy bought Andrews business, MacCorkindale Porcelain, in 2002 (just 2 short weeks before they had their first child) and continued his work while adding more to the line.

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Scarlet Urn – Terra Crackle Glaze and Black w/Lid
by Rick Bain and Amy Bain | Hello Moon Studios
VillaDuCarl Art Collection | Portland, Oregon
One of a Kind
Fine High Fire Porcelain
10″ x 7″
Purchase 12/09

Purchased at  Oregon Health and Sciences University  Art Fair
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  1. I like your “Scarlet Urn” very much. Can you tell me what the lid is made of?
    It looks like metal from the picture.
    It’s also fun to see the art inside the urn!


    • VillaDuCarl

      Hi Marilyn, the lid is also clay, but has a metallic look glaze on it. The inside is a fun surprise, like a secret playground for the artist!

  2. VillaDuCarl

    Keep checking back. We are working on more than 100 postings of our other pieces in the collectioo. There is so much more in all categories. You will be surprised at the variety.

  3. Anne Sawyer

    How does one contact the studio?
    I have tried the url link but it does not appear to be working.

    • VillaDuCarl

      Rick and Amy Bain seem to have taken down their website. I am not sure if they are still doing pottery or not. If not, its sad because their vessels are beautiful. You can search for Rick and or Amy Bain on Google. I found a contact on his bands Facebook page. Good luck. Villa DuCarl – Michael

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