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Chris Haberman is a working writer, painter, muralist, curator and musician,  native to  Portland, Oregon. Aside from painting, he has published poetry, journalism and fiction; being awarded the Tom Doulis Fiction award, the Wilma Morrison award for excellence in journalism and is a lifetime member to the Academy of American Poets.

All of Chris Haberman’s artwork is created on found (post-consumer materials) objects, given or “found” on the streets and alleyways of Portland, OR, a discarded cabinet door or table top quickly becomes the backdrop for an integrated puzzle of human figures. The multitude of “folk art” images pushed together with words, objects and figures reflects the complexity of our modern life of people, politics, the region, pop-culture, media, music, film and literature.

Mayor Sam Adams has said that “Chris is the hardest working artist in Portland.” Chris’ first curatorship was a show for Adams at The City Hall of Portland, Oregon, (Gay Pride, 2007).  He has also shown with Juxtapoz Magazine and state-wide arts fair “Oregon Art Annual” and is a frequent contributor to Art In The Pearl, SE Artwalk, Alberta Street Fair, Friends of Children, The Art Institute of Portland, Buckman School Art and Sell, The Goodfoot Gallery, Cascade AIDS Project, and Portland Open Studios.  In Jan, 2010, Chris was a feature artist for Oregon Art Beat on Oregon Public Broadcasting.  In April, he was awarded “Portland Artist of the Year” for Barfly Magazine.  In July 2009, Chris recorded selling over 6500 original works since 2002.

Chris is also a fervent freelance curator, and has coordinated hundreds of Portland art exhibits with regional artists, founding first a non-profit (Portland City Art) and now Chris Haberman Presents (2010) to help local artists show their works.

Chris happily lives and works in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, with his supported family, his near-to-be-wife and two dogs.

Contact the artist on Facebook at Chris Haberman

Seven of Clubs
by Chris Haberman
VillaDuCarl Art Collection | Portland, Oregon
Acrylic Paint
13″ x 17″
Purchased 2010

Purchased at Auction – Art in Hand – The Portland Project where fifty-four Portland area artists were challenged to transform an ordinary deck of playing cards into a showcase of the extraordinary and diverse artistic talent in our community. Each artist took their assigned playing card, re-imagining it in their own unique style.  The result is an amazing, fully playable deck of cards … an art gallery you can hold in your hand.  The original artwork used to create the Portland Project Deck was sold through auction with 90% of the proceeds of each sale going directly to one of over 25 non-profits selected by the artists.  The Six of Hearts benefited P:ear, an organization created to build positive relationships with homeless and transitional youth, ages 15 to 24, through education, art and recreation to affirm personal worth and create more meaningful and healthier lives.

Contact the artist on Facebook at Chris Haberman


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