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Alexander Gore was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Living just a block away from the famous Peter the Great Hermitage Museum, he was its frequent visitor in his early age,being fascinated by Western art and preparing to embark on a career an artist.

After his arrival in New York City in 1980, at 21 he sought to attract every aspect of the rich world of American art and culture. He continued his search for an arena, where he could get an artistic experience. In the following years he had traveled down many creative roads to Central America, seeing the sights of the ancient beginnings of man,local traditions and environment. The influence of Central American and Caribbean flavor is visible in Gore’s art.

After 10 years of painting in New York, Alexander Gore moved to Miami, where he opened his own gallery. The hot southern palette has had a cheerful effect on his paintings, which have been nurtured by sun., epitaph and happiness of life.  Invigorated by the energy of being in Miami, Alexander Gore produced more than 6,000 original works that found a home in art collections all over the country and around the world.

“In my art”, Alexander Gore says, “ I try to convey the organic movement of color across the canvas by using a strong line that hints all the shapes to come. Alexander’s works give a picture of black lines, curvy characters and intricate touches, creating an atmosphere for the imagination to fill. The great changes, of the light and shade prompted him to paint weightless forms unknown to nature: he unlocked a vital energy and creative spirit. Gore’s style of art reflects a powerful surrealistic influence and incorporates countless travel experiences. He paint abstract and semi-abstract forms, weightless in time and space. His art portrays an alternative view of reality, one without borders and limitations.

Alexander’s paintings, which are made with original oil on canvas or original oil on paper only, are immediately recognized by the dominant lines, twisted shapes and subtle colors. He has created a new style of art that he calls “Agorism”, a style based on principle and motivated by surrealistic image.

According to Alexander, the straight line does not exist in nature. The curved line is a basic element of nature. “Only a curved line has a vitality and energy, unknown to the non-natural straight line, he says, “I believe, that people’s lives can be changed for the better with both the interior and the exterior , based on the curve line.”

While Alexander Gore’s art has been shown in museums, galleries and auction houses globally, he has gained most renown along the East Coast, appearing in Washington DC,New York and Miami.

Learn about the artist at http://alexandergoreart.com/

Untitled 2
by Alexander Gore
VillaDuCarl Art Collection | Portland, Oregon
Original Oil on Canvas
“6 x 9” Within Antique Frame
Purchased 2002

Purchased Miami street corner
Contact the artist at http://www.alexandergoreart.com


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