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Freddy Paul is a household name in the art community of Grenada. He has an unwavering passion for art. He enjoys what he does because it keeps him occupied and inspired. It is the photo illustrations in books and reknown artist and art educator John Benjamin, he says, that made him unleash his potential for art.

The walls of Artistic Art Gallery are adorned with paintings that are typically Grenadian, ranging from rural village yards, wooden buses, to commercial activities. His works teach great lessons in social history and hold true to the adage that says, a picture is worth a thousand words.

A professional artist for over 15 years, Freddy has developed his art into a highly succesful publishing business. He designs and produces greeting cards that depict our rich, cultural heritage.

It is worthy to note that Freddy is a self-taught artist. He acquired most of his knowledge by reading books on art. The acquired knowledge trained his talent. His is grateful to relatives and friends who encouraged him to be the professional artist that he is today.

Learn about Freddy Paul at http://www.freddysartgallery.com/

By Freddy Paul

VillaDuCarl Art Collection | Portland, Oregon
Original Oil Pastel on Paper
9″ x 12″
Purchased November 2011

Puchased at Freddy’s Art Gallery, Grand Anse, St. Georges, Grenada
Contact the artist at http://www.freddysartgallery.com/


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